Custom Made

Tridelta Magnetsysteme

Individual products made to measure

From the conception to the pre-assembly to the engineering service, Tridelta offers tailor-made designs according to individual needs.


Possibility for custom-made products:

Tridelta offers various options for custom-made products:

  • Completion of the construction system according to customer drawings
  • Completion of the construction system after the customer has provided the mounting parts
  • Magnetized or unmagnetized components are sourced from Tridelta. The assembly and magnetization is done by the customer. Tridelta is happy to provide advice on this.

On request, standard products can be precisely adapted to specific requirements and individually redesigned according to customer specifications. Our spectrum ranges from conception through pre-assembly to engineering services.

For individual solutions, Tridelta determines the requirements and checks whether these can also be solved with standard products. If required, Tridelta will provide you with test samples. You choose the most promising solution for you and decide on the release of series production.

In the case of series deliveries, it is recommended to agree on a technical delivery specification in which all requirements regarding the magnetic, physical, mechanical and chemical properties that are placed on the products are specified. In this way, defects caused by unexpected environmental influences can be ruled out.

Pre-assembled products tailored to the application speed up on-site commissioning. The test runs carried out at Tridelta reduce failures due to malfunctions. This not only increases the efficiency of the system, it also relieves you, leaving more time for your core business.

Tridelta’s sales engineers will be happy to work with you to find the best application solution.

Advantages for the customer:

  • Problem-oriented solutions
  • Competitive advantages through tailor-made products
  • No compromises thanks to completely thought-out solutions
  • Strengthening of the core business by relieving the customer


  • Magnetic drum that filters non-ferrous metals for the recycling industry
  • Pipe magnet attached to the outer wall of the pipe enables fine filtering of wood pellets
  • Eddy current brake with mechanical tension control for the wire cord industry
  • Axial thrust coupling to limit the thrust to be transmitted
  • Adhesive systems with neodymium magnets for extremely tough environmental conditions
  • Adhesive systems without the use of plastics or outgassing adhesives for the high-vacuum area