Spare Parts and Accessories

Tridelta Magnetsysteme

Tridelta will be happy to advise you on a tailor-made and economical system modernization that precisely meets a growing need.

Sometimes the quality of a product only becomes apparent after a few years. Although the product that has been correctly selected for the intended purpose enables the longest possible and undisturbed operation, if damage occurs – due to wear and tear or incorrect operation – the product must be ready for operation again as quickly as possible.

Procurement of spare parts

Tridelta offers a spare parts service that usually goes well beyond the ten years required by law. Anyone who operates machines with Tridelta products knows that even a spare parts request for decades-old products often pays off.

Plant modernization

Tridelta offers the development and construction of reliable, sustainable and energy-saving successor products for the replacement of old or uneconomical technologies or for plant modernization. Wherever possible, products are developed to be as compatible as possible with the existing production environment. Improvements in series products are automatically transferred to spare parts and accessories.

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