Produkte Tridelta Magnetsysteme

Internship + Thesis

Internship during the semester break!

We support your entry into a professional career with an internship during the semester break, a practical semester required as part of your studies, or by offering you suitable topics for your thesis.

Our company TRIDELTA Magnetsysteme GmbH produces magnet systems with permanent magnets made of various high-quality materials in numerous designs, which are used in particular in the fields of

  • Clutch and brake systems
  • Motor stators and rotors with permanent magnets
  • Loudspeaker systems
  • Holding magnet systems
  • Stacking and conveying components
  • Separator rolls and overbelt magnets
  • Hysteresis and eddy current brakes
  • Handling magnets for sheet metal processing and sheet metal working
  • Lifting magnets
  • Automotive engineering
  • Engine construction
  • Household appliance technology
  • Sensor technology
  • Industrial electronics