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Magnetic systems, hysteresis brake, magnetic clutch

Central rotating couplings - magnet systems

We manufacture permanent magnet couplings. Hermetically sealed and maintenance-free thanks to non-contact power transmission. Tridelta magnet systems

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Magnetic systems from Tridelta

We supply high-quality magnets made from all common magnetic materials and thus
cover the entire range of possible applications.

The magnetic properties depend on the dimensions of the magnet. These cannot be designed or defined as you like, like other components.
The upper temperature limit is different for the different magnet materials.

Tridelta Magnet systems – magnetic coupling function

Temperature changes and external fields affect the magnetic stability of the diverse magnet materials differently. The various materials have distinctive mechanical and chemical properties.

Any shape cannot be realized for all materials.

Unfortunately, there is no magnetic material that is excellent in all areas.
In order to find the best solution for the respective application, many points have to be considered.

If you are questioning which magnet material is suitable for your application, the wide range of products from Tridelta offers a customer-oriented solution for almost all use cases.