Central Rotary Coupling

Central rotary couplings
thinking one step further.

Here you will find all relevant information and products on the subject of couplings. In our team, our expertise and our personal and individual advice are at your disposal. Contact us and together we will address your project with your very personal requirements.

  • The wetted area of our standard series is made of material 1.4571 and is gas-tight laser welded.
  • The containment can is manufactured from the TZK-75 series onwards with a 2.4610 shell.
  • Other can material variants are available depending on the application.
  • The outer rotor is coated with a permanent preservative and encapsulated in 1.4571.
  • Hermetically sealing couplings from Tridelta Magnetsysteme are a perfect, environmentally compliant alternative to mechanical-dynamic sealing variants.
  • Deviating magnet configurations or material combinations can be realized at any time depending on requirements and application.
SeriesItem no.Torque
TZK 45-04142010-104 Nm
TZK 45-06142025-106 Nm
TZK 45-08142040-108 Nm
TZK 60-07142055-107 Nm
TZK 60-10142070-1010 Nm
TZK 60-14142085-1014 Nm
TZK 60-22142100-1022 Nm
TZK 75-20142115-1020 Nm
TZK 75-30142130-1030 Nm
TZK 75-40142145-1040 Nm
TZK 75-50142160-1050 Nm
TZK 110-20142175-1020 Nm
TZK 110-50142190-1050 Nm
TZK 110-80142205-1080 Nm
TZK 110-100142220-10100 Nm
TZK 135-100142235-10100 Nm
TZK 135-135142250-10135 Nm
TZK 135-180142265-10180 Nm
TZK 165-200c142280-10200 Nm
TZK 165-250142295-10250 Nm
TZK 165-275142310-10275 Nm
TZK 165-365142325-10365 Nm
TZK 200-500142340-10500 Nm
TZK 200-750142355-10750 Nm
TZK 200-1000142370-101000 Nm

at the highest level.

Our central rotating clutch

is used wherever hazardous, environmentally harmful, aggressive and cost-intensive media in liquid or gaseous form have to be conveyed or transported.

Various mounting kit designs for different motor and pump configurations are available for PU machinery. Examples: IEC standard motors and NEMA motors Pump manufacturers: Bosch Rexroth, Rotary Power, Kracht, Parker, Bucher

Areas of application

  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Refinery Technology
  • Marine applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Stirring and mixing technology
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • General mechanical engineering (packaging industry, laboratory equipment, test benches)
  • PU machines

Our biggest product advantage
is cooperation.

With us as your partner, you benefit from maximum flexibility in the implementation of your individual application. We will be happy to make other material combinations and containment can variants possible for you on request. Take advantage of our personal and reliable advice and expertise in the field of couplings for your sustainable success.

Tridelta Magnet Systems
Quality features

  • Compact and resource-saving design
  • Contactless power transmission enables freedom from maintenance
  • Technically tight due to static sealing via containment can and O-ring or flat seal
  • Standard operating conditions: Temperature: -45° C to +350° C / Pressure: 0-25 bar / Speed range: 10-3600 rpm

100 years of experience in quality.

The varied standard couplings from Tridelta Magnetsysteme are characterized by their compact design with high performance. They also withstand extreme requirements effortlessly. In addition to performance, our manufacturing focus is on economically efficient design.

Flexibility for individual use cases

Regardless of whether it is a customer-specific solution or a standard series: our magnet systems keep their promise of quality. And this has been the case for over a hundred years. The philosophy of Tridelta Magnetsysteme is to develop solutions together with our customers that are tailored to the application. Our constant striving for perfection distinguishes us from others.