System für Umwelt- und Fertigungstechnik – Tridelta Magnetsysteme

Mechanically switchable permanent load lifting magnets

Simple design, high holding force and process reliability characterize permanent load lifting magnets.

Simply constructed, permanent load lifting magnets nevertheless have an exceptionally high holding force. Due to the non-decreasing holding force, this type of lifting magnet is process-safe. A V-shaped recess on the holding surface also makes it possible to transport round parts.

Application Mechanically Switchable Permanent Load Lifting Magnets

The lifting magnet can pick up and lift ferromagnetic parts such as blocks, cylinders and pipes in the assembly area. It is a great help in loading and unloading operations, making it the ideal lifting device in warehouses, workshops, tool stores, factories and shipyards.

Versions Mechanically Switchable Permanent Load Lifting Magnets

Several sizes are available with a recommended lifting force of 1 kN to 60 kN for flat workpieces and 0.5 kN to 30 kN for round workpieces.

Function Mechanically Switchable Permanent Load Lifting Magnets

To pick up the load, the magnet is fed to the ferromagnetic part to be transported in the switched-off state, placed on top and switched on by flipping the switching lever. A lock on the shift lever prevents unintentional shutdown. This means that the load is ready for transport safely and reliably. To release the load again, the clamping device must first be unlocked. When the switch lever is moved again, the magnet has a non-magnetic effect on the outside and the part to be transported is released.