Technische Beratung

Technical Advice

Tridelta realizes magnet systems in different quantities and manufacturing methods.

Small quantities as well as large series systems are realized. The magnet systems can be bonded, flanged, welded, or even injected with plastic or die-cast zinc. Depending on the required adhesive force and operating temperature, Tridelta uses the optimum and most cost-effective material for your application.

Tridelta provides competent and comprehensive support thanks to its extensive experience:

  • in the selection of suitable magnetic systems, superstructures, assemblies and devices
  • in the use, production and further processing as well as characterization of magnetic materials
  • in the selection of materials, the most favorable magnet shape – taking into account the electromagnetic, manufacturing and processing requirements
  • in the design of magnetic circuits – including the execution of corresponding calculations if required
  • in magnetization, targeted stabilization and calibration of magnet systems
  • in quality assurance by measuring the characteristic values

Ready for Installation

All magnetic assemblies can be supplied ready for installation. It is also possible to send Tridelta the components and receptacles in which the magnets are to be installed for installation and magnetization. A drawing of the planned receptacles for the magnetic components is helpful in determining the most favorable installation method. Technical advice!

Experimental Models

Every series production is normally preceded by testing of a trial model. For some construction systems, such as eddy current and hysteresis couplings and brakes, testing of a trial model is recommended, as the properties can change here depending on the application, e.g. due to heating.

Individual Adjustments

Magnetic rings and segments of some systems are glued to the iron parts with special adhesives, or the iron pots are filled with special resin. If high chemical and thermal resistance is required, corresponding specifications are necessary. Holes can be drilled in the magnetic receptacles for mounting the magnetic assemblies. Drilling on the outer circumference is also possible.


Tridelta is happy to assist you in an advisory capacity. To ensure smooth operation, each design can be talked through. Tridelta’s specialist engineers will support you in discussing specific questions regarding the possible applications of magnet systems and magnet assemblies.

The earlier the collaboration begins, the more efficiently we can contribute to the decisive technical and economic optimization of solutions.