Magnetische Filtersysteme - Tridelta Magnetsysteme

Filter grid

This is how simple magnets can make problems go away.

Filter grids enable an uninterrupted flow of material. They operate without electricity and are therefore fail-safe, low-maintenance, sustainable and cause no follow-up costs. Filter grids can also be integrated into an existing process at a later date.

Field of application filter grids

Filter grids help filter lubricating, cooling and hydraulic oils and fluids, as well as granular or dusty materials.

Where magnetic parts need to be sorted from liquid or solid material streams, filter grids are ideal. This may be the case in pipe systems, hoppers, chutes, etc. Applications can be found, for example, in mills, the plastics processing industry, paint shops, the animal feed industry, or in systems conveying liquids and viscous substances.

Functionality filter grid

Several filter rods can be combined to form a catch unit in order to achieve larger catch areas, to be integrated into square as well as round piping systems, or to interfere with the material flow as little as possible. For this purpose, the filter rods are mounted in a frame which can be retrofitted into existing piping systems using optional mounting flanges. For easier cleaning, the systems can be designed with pull-out magnetic cores.

Versions filter grid

Filter grate 1 Filter grid 2
magnetic flux density 200 mT approx. 900 mT
Operating temperature < 150 °C < 80 °C
Captured material Iron parts with a unit weight of over 500 mg such as screws, nails, etc. Ferrous parts with a unit weight of more than 0.5 µg such as iron dust and abrasive particles

In addition, Tridelta enables the development and implementation of customized solutions.