Magnetische Hebesysteme - Tridelta Magnetsysteme

Electrically switchable magnetic grippers

Adhesive force permanently precise to the point.

Magnetic systems such as magnetic grippers are ideal when workpieces with long processing times need to be held or moved over longer times or distances. They are process-safe thanks to a non-decreasing holding force and have an exceptionally high holding force even with small construction dimensions. In the magnetic state, magnetic grippers operate without current, which means they are fail-safe, low-maintenance, sustainable and do not incur any follow-up costs.

Tridelta Magnetsysteme offers a compact, switchable magnet system with high-quality neodymium-iron-boron magnet materials for all ferromagnetic holding applications.

Application Electrically switchable magnetic grippers

Manufacturers in the field of automation are often faced with the task of having to test new technologies in order to meet specific requirements of their customers.

Simple handling devices and robots in particular lend themselves to processing ferromagnetic parts with magnetic forces. Up to now, mainly grippers or pneumatic suction devices have been used here. However, both solutions have disadvantages in operational practice. For example, mechanical wear occurs with grippers, the parts to be transported must be positioned correctly and different grippers must be available for different part geometries. Pneumatic suction devices are susceptible to maintenance due to wear parts, cause additional costs due to air preparation and the control of the individual suction cups can be complex.

Typically, magnetic grippers are used in robots, conveyors and transport systems.

Versions Electrically switchable magnetic grippers

Tridelta supplies magnetic grippers in various dimensions with different holding forces. Individual surface coatings enable use in different environments. To prevent damage to the magnetic gripper, some systems are equipped with a temperature sensor. This allows an alarm to be triggered when a temperature threshold is exceeded. For applications where the magnetic field must be displaced for a longer period of time, versions with temperature sensors are recommended.

To find the right system for your application, Tridelta’s expert engineers will help you.

Mode of operation Electrically switchable magnetic grippers

The magnetic gripper is simple in design and uncomplicated in use. It consists of permanent magnets and electrocoils around the poles of the permanent magnets. In the de-energized state, the permanent magnets attract the workpiece. As soon as current flows through the electrocoils, the magnetic field at the poles of the permanent magnets is cancelled and parts adhering to the magnetic gripper are released.

Safe and reliable transport of the workpiece is ensured by the built-in permanent magnets even without electric current. Electricity is only required to release the workpiece.