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Pneumatic Spreading Magnets

Adaptable to handle various sheet thicknesses and sizes, including large formats with a gap.

Pneumatic spreading magnets

The pneumatic spreading magnets are designed for separating sheets up to a maximum sheet thickness of 6 mm. All sheet metal formats can be processed. The ability to precisely adjust the magnetic strength means that sheets of different thicknesses can be separated using the same installation. In addition, it is possible to separate even large-sized sheets, if the spreaders are used in batteries with a spacing of approx. 900 mm.

Application area

Pneumatic sheet metal lifters are suitable when

  • sheets in stacks up to 6 mm thick are to be separated
  • sheets are to be separated in the automated process
  • the separation should be controllable
  • the spreading effect must be varied
  • the magnetic force must be switched off temporarily for changeovers
  • no power supply is available
  • a duty cycle of 100 % must be guaranteed


The spreading magnets are equipped with neodymium magnets. A pneumatic cylinder enables the magnetic force to be switched off without the supply of electrical energy. In this way, the stack of sheets is released and can be changed quickly.

For simplified destacking, a sliding plate (stainless steel housing) placed between the magnet and the stack of sheets reduces friction.

Two bolts secured with cotter pins guide the magnet in the housing and allow the magnetic force to be adjusted by means of washers. The cotter pins are additionally secured with locking pins.

If it is necessary to change the sheet pallet, the magnetic force is reduced by the pneumatic cylinder pulling the magnetic element away from the stack. When changing the sheet thickness, the magnetic force is adjusted by means of the washers placed on the guide pins. The pneumatic cylinder then moves the magnetic element back into the working position.


At present, we have four sizes of pneumatic spreaders as standard series which we offerf as PnSp-124(Pneumatic spreader magnet width 124 mm).

The four sizes have the following dimensions:

Width: 124 mm

Length (incl. bolt): 240 mm

Height: 325 mm, 425 mm, 525 mm or 635 mm

If your desired product is missing, such as sheet spreaders for round or asymmetrical sheets or special designs with a swivel arm, please contact us for specific solutions.